A Singing-Circle comprises people with dementia, their neighbours, volunteers and professionals, led by Maartje de Lint (or one of her trained team), a piano accompanist and trained volunteers. By singing together, plenty of mutual joy is created. Despite any com-promised mental and physical abilities, people reconnect with each other. Singing together activates their development: socially, emo-tionally and musically.

Singing together also awakens our aural memory and stimulates surrounding brain regions. Thus, positive memories and stories are remembered and relived, people regain confidence and become aware of themselves and their surroundings: they are alive and in the moment. Tension is also released.

A circle is led by a facilitating singer or a care professional. To set up your own circle, read the practice guide ‘I start a Singing-Circle’ carefully. In addition, you can use the Singing-Circle Music Book! Both books are only available in Dutch at the moment.

What Singing-Circles are available for me?

Keep participating, look at what else can be done, in your village, your neighbourhood. Even after being diagnosed with dementia, you continue to participate in social life.

Singing together releases positive energy and contributes to a good atmosphere on the ward. And it can help enrich day-to-day care.

Singing together with loved ones or carers can both relax and revitalise care moments.

Do you like opera or concerts? For people with dementia, singing together in a stylish atmosphere can mean a lot to your loyal audience.

“It’s amazing how inspiring the singing circle format works!”

Zing-Cirkel Muziekboek Zingen in de Zorg

Want to join a Singing-Circle?

The Singing-Circle Music Book is particularly suitable for communal singing involving carers, loved ones, health care professionals and, of course, someone with dementia. The book contains 84 inspiring songs and in large font, plus some beautiful illustrations by Mariëtte Oelderik.

Ik Start een Zing-Cirkel Praktijkgids Zingen in de Zorg

Starting your own Singing-Circle?

Together with Marcelle Mulder, Maartje de Lint is the author of “I start a Singing-Circle”, a practical guide for setting up circle-work for people with dementia still living at home as well as their carers.

“My mother is really addicted to the Singing Circle Online and sings along at the top of her lungs!”

Singing-Circle Online

The Singing Circle Online is a sing-along programme, made quickly and spontaneously at the beginning of the corona crisis, because the participants could no longer come to the Singing Circle. This allowed them to sing “together”, at home with a loved one or from the care institution with staff.


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