Singing-Circle in the healthcare setting

Healthcare professionals can enjoy a more pleasant and effective work experience by singing together with the resident(s). A Singing-Circle in the care institution also brings quality and connection to the daily life of people with dementia so all parties benefit enormously.

In the event of misunderstood behaviour (behaviour that is difficult to explain), singing can allow a refocussing, a return to the present moment and have a calm, stabilising effect on them. Singing also works wonderfully for aphasia (the inability to produce speech); despite their brain damage they can still automatically recall entire lyrics. Often this then leads to their ability to engage in conversation or suddenly speak in sentences.

“Maartje has the talent to connect with our residents in a gentle and intuitive way, so that people immediately feel encouraged to sing along. You literally see them wake up. Especially after the break, you can feel the positive energy that has grown during the singing.”


Sing along in your living room?

Get started with Singing-Circle-Online, a sing-along programme that enables you to sing ‘together’ at home with a loved one or from the healthcare facility with staff members.

Zing-Cirkel Boekenpakket Zingen in de Zorg

Getting started with a Singing-Circle?

Curious about how you can set up a Singing-Circle at the healthcare facility? The manual “I start a Singing Circle” is a handy guideline for setting up a Singing Circle as a singer.

Do you want to start singing right away? The Singing-Circle Music Book is particularly suitable for singing songs with someone with dementia as well as for a caregiver or loved one.