Singing-Circle in your own neighbourhood

Despite a diagnosis of dementia, you can still continue to participate in a fruitful social life within your local environment: the place where you live, your village. That is the purpose of the Singing-Circle which is within your own reach and neighbourhood. That’s the mission of Maartje, her pianist and team of volunteers.

In Heiloo, the Singing-Circle has already helped many people with dementia to fully re-engage, to express their stories and to build new contacts and friendships. Participants have regained self-confidence. Interestingly, they never seem to forget the anticipated day of their Singing-Circle. Gradually, more music from the past is recalled (in full) whilst an increase in singing and listening to their favourite music at home tends to be observed.

Ik Start een Zing-Cirkel Praktijkgids Zingen in de Zorg

Start a Singing-Circle in your own neighbourhood

In conjunction with Marcelle Mulder, Maartje de Lint is the author of “I start a Singing-Circle”, a practical guide for setting up circle-work for home-based people with dementia as well as their carers.

Only available in Dutch.

The Singing-Circle Heiloo is made possible by the Orpheus Curat Foundation.