BASE and the Sound-Retention

Even before we are born we experience vibration and we hear sounds. These anchor in special areas in our brain; our sound memory, thus creating our first impressions and memories. All sounds that we experience in our lives are stored in this sound memory. If we produce a sound ourselves; speaking, singing or playing a musical instrument, we also activate our muscle memory. These two memory areas are finely branched in our brain and remain intact until old age and can even develop as long as we live.

The BASE methodology uses this knowledge. BASE: Brain Awakening Singing Education. By using the BASE method when singing together with people with dementia, we teach them to make use of the already stored musical memories. In this way we activate the healthy part of the brain and point out the possibilities for developing this in order to experience more well-being and quality in daily life with dementia, to build confidence and to look at what is still possible.

The scientists behind Singing in the Care

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