Coaching & Presentations

For anyone involved in the care of people with memory problems or dementia, it is of great value to become acquainted with singing in healthcare. Our coaching & presentations cater for an array of professionals including carers, healthcare professionals (in training), scientists, and so on.

Healthcare professionals can undertake their work more pleasantly and effectively by singing together with people with dementia. They receive intangible, health-giving benefits, joy and contact through singing together. In short: singing together brings quality and connection into daily life, in the short and long term.

“Maartje showed us that singing is not only a pleasant break from daily routine. She also showed us that it is a powerful tool for connecting through another “channel”. To allow people to relax and simultaneously let the energy flow.”

Trainingen & Presentaties over zingen in de zorg

Interested in our Coaching & Presentations?

Maartje de Lint is delighted to share her experience and expertise. Healthcare organisations are encouraged to contact her for advice, presentations and training on how to use music and singing more widely in their healthcare services and programmes.

Do you want to know more about the gentle power of singing together for your organisation? Maartje is happy to engage with your specific questions and needs then help devise a perfect strategy for your particular health-provider services.