Individual Singing Sessions

Sometimes it is too much of a challenge for you and your loved one with dementia to leave the house but you can always sing at home. With individual singing sessions in an environment that is familiar to you and your loved one, mutual trust flourishes and you interact with each other in a positive way. Singing together is now also possible with the support of coach/singer Maartje de Lint or one of her trained team. You can of course also get started with the Singing-Circle Online.

Singing together provides relief in difficult times. In the event of misunderstood behaviour (behaviour that is difficult to explain), singing can bring someone back to the present and have a calm, stabilising effect on them. Singing also works wonderfully for aphasia (the inability to produce speech); despite their brain damage they can still automatically recall entire lyrics. Often this then leads to their ability to engage in conversation or suddenly speak in sentences.

Zingen in de Zorg Individuele Zangsessies

“My father had been in bad shape for several weeks, but Maartje made sure he was happy again. He had a smile from ear to ear while singing and even sang along at times! When I left, he spoke a long sentence to me, something that had not happened for a long time… Maartje gave me a moment to remember. ‘Nobody will take this away from me’, I thought on the way home in the car!”


Interested in Individual Singing Sessions?

The Individual Singing Sessions by Maartje de Lint or one of her employees are reimbursed for € 65.29 per hour from the Personal Budget (PGB).

Maartje offers this service in the Netherlands. We work with the Singing Circle Music Book, among other things. Maartje selects and trains singers and care workers to become singing coaches so that you can access this support throughout the Netherlands.