Meet the Singing in Care team: specialists with big hearts and empathy for everyone involved in the care of people with dementia. We offer sustainable and practical services and programmes that meet the demands within the workplace. For example, the E-learning I Sing in Care! enables healthcare professionals to reconnect with people with dementia through singing.

Creative and innovative working is our basis. Clear communication and the ability to adapt swiftly and flexibly for best outcomes and solutions are second nature to us. In this way, we ensure that Singing in Care can include and support as many people as possible especially those caring for someone with dementia.

Maartje de Lint Team Zingen in de Zorg

Maartje de Lint

Founder and
artistic leader

Isabelle Rombach Zorg-Zangeres Zingen in de Zorg

Isabelle Rombach


Irthe Schoute

Back office

Anna-Eva Prick Team Zingen in de Zorg

Anna-Eva Prick

Elderly psychologist and
senior researcher

Henk van Meegen

Pianist, arranger and

Nicholas van den Berg Team Zingen in de Zorg

Nicholas v/d Berg

Programmer and
web designer

Mariƫtte Oelderik Team Zingen in de Zorg

Mariƫtte Oelderik


Hanneke de Graaf


Thijs de Melker Team Zingen in de Zorg

Thijs de Melker

Camera and

Kirsten Nijhof Team Zingen in de Zorg

Kirsten Nijhof


Marie-Suzan de Lint Team Zingen in de Zorg

Marie-Suzan de Lint

Translator and writer

Ronnie Taheny Team Zingen in de Zorg

Ronnie Taheny

Writer and editor