Zingen in de Zorg Opleiding

Care-Singer training program for professionals

Will you join the Singing in Care team as a singer? After following the Care-Singer training program you will increase the quality of life of someone with dementia and strengthen his/her self-esteem. You bring relaxation and connection in a time that is often characterized by tension and uncertainty.

Fundament of the training is the BASE©️Method: Brain and Body Awakening Singing Education, developed by Singing in Care. Singing will be always used as a means, an intervention, to awaken and stimulate body and brain.

This training is aimed at using the Singing-Circle program for people with dementia who live at home or in a nursing home. Here you can read more about the Singing Circle

This is what we ask of you


You are a professional singer or a healthcare professional with years of singing experience. You have a warm sound and a healthy functioning voice. Singing is so natural to you that you don’t have to give it a single thought. You have a wide repertoire of songs and are willing to expand it.


You have a friendly, warm and calm personality. You are empathetic and sensitive and can listen and observe well. You are open to feedback and growth. You are careful in your communication and professional in your planning and organization.

Zingen in de Zorg Opleiding Kennis van Dementie

Knowledge of Dementia

During the training you will learn a lot about working with people with dementia. You are open to a positive and social approach to people with dementia themselves and the people around them. In addition, you are willing to learn about and use intuition and non-verbal communication.


In addition to your musical and/or healthcare education, a diploma/certificate is recommended as a trainer or coach.

Registration and motivation

Working in healthcare with people with dementia requires patience. You learn something new every day and this never stops. A challenge that can be both beautiful and sometimes difficult.

We would therefore like to receive your CV and motivation including two a cappella songs in a short (max 5-10 min) video. In this video you can already visualize you are singing for somebody 70+ years old with a more sensitive nature.
Hint: Go for connection instead of perfection ?. We are looking forward to your video!

These are the lessons

Zingen in de Zorg Opleiding Introductie

Lesson 1: Introduction

  • Acquaintance
  • Theory & practice
  • How we work

Lesson 2: From the stage to healthcare

  • Your qualities
  • Art in care
  • Building trust
Zingen in de Zorg Opleiding Les 4

Lesson 3: Effects of singing in dementia care

  • Contact
  • Stress release
  • Development
Zingen in de Zorg Opleiding Les 2

Lesson 4: BASE Methodology

  • Still, soften and slow down
  • Base pyramide
  • Taking and giving direction

Lesson 5: The Singing-Circle

  • Start-up
  • Structure
  • Program
Zingen in de Zorg Opleiding Les 5

Lesson 6: Communication

  • Upper brain and lower brain
  • Listen, tune in & move along
  • Non-verbal communication5
Zingen in de Zorg Opleiding Les 1

Lesson 7: Repertoire

  • Your choices
  • Clients choices
  • Learning together
Zingen in de Zorg Opleiding Les 8

Lesson 8: Individual/duo

  • Teamspirit
  • Finding the accompanist
  • Synergy with the clients
Zingen in de Zorg Opleiding Certificaat

Evaluation & Finals

  • Supervision online
  • Evaluation with all duo’s online
  • Issuing certificates online

Questions? After the lessons and your Start-up practice with the Singing Circle we will keep contact with 3 Q&A clinics.

Dates and time

The training program takes place weekly online in the period between October 2022 and February 2023. Training program days and times will be published as soon as they are known.

Costs and financing

Your investment for the training program is €1599,00. These prices are exclusive of 21% VAT.

Once you have received your certificate, you can stay connected with Singing in Care by becoming a member of the Care-Singer association. Becoming a member offers you a permanent basis for support, information, consultation, network and much more. The regular online meetings are an important part, bringing the latest news, Q & A or a master class. As a member you also receive a personal page on the Singing in Care website and you have access to the Singing in Care intranet with a personal code. You will receive more information after your exam.

Do you have any questions?

Do you want to register for the training?

Is everything clear and do you want to register for the training? This can be done via the form below. Don’t worry: the registration does not oblige you to anything. After registration, we will look at your CV and the video with your motivation and the a cappella songs. We will then contact you for the next steps.