Let’s get started with Singing in Care, that’s Maartje’s mission. In your private living room, at day treatment, the meeting centre or in the care home, during a care moment, individually or in a group. Check below for the best suitable offer.

Zingen in de Zorg E-learning

E-learning: I Sing in Care!

Singing creates a relaxed atmosphere and makes contact easier for people with dementia. Add Maartje’s enthusiastic, warm and contagious working manner and you are on your way!

Zingen in de Zorg Zing-Cirkel


Singing together in a large circle – where we can easily see and hear each other – activates our mirror neurones so we naturally reflect each other’s joy and positive energy.

Zingen in de Zorg Individuele Zangsessies

Individual Singing Sessions

Singing together: singing attentively, attuned to the personal needs of the dementia patient whilst feeling, moving or dancing to the music spontaneously. Integrated singing care of the highest level.

Zingen in de Zorg Trainingen & Presentaties

Coaching & Presentations

Ready for your organisation to implement Singing in Care or simply want your network to know more about it? Maartje will tailor the programme to your network’s specific needs.


Any queries about any of the information offered on this website? Don’t hesitate and get in touch. Maartje de Lint is delighted to help you.