E-learning: I Sing in Care!

The e-learning I Sing in Care! is a practical tool for anyone involved in the care of people with dementia, and for those who want to sing while doing so.

Our mission is to redefine the current role of those with dementia and their caregivers and re-integrate them into our society; to make contact, connection and quality care the norm; and to make singing together a basic part of their health care program.

As a (future) healthcare professional, your involvement here is crucial.
Together we can make healthcare even better.

At the moment this e-learning, including the introduction above, is only available in Dutch.

Does this sound like you?

  • You want to develop and extend your expertise in the workplace.
  • You’re aware of not always being able to provide the best practical tools.
  • You currently sing with your dementia clients, you know its value but you’re looking for new inspiration.
  • As a caregiver you would like to re-engage and connect with a dear family member.
  • You know that singing and music work, but where do you start?
  • You are a student and very interested in new and innovative care methods.
  • You like to go to the workplace well prepared.

You are in the right place!

Singing together with dementia clients enriches your work and your daily interactions with them. The effect of singing stimulates the patient, reignites their mental capacities and empowers both them and you, resulting in best daily quality care.

“Yes, it creates room for mental improvement!”

It has been scientifically proven that the act of singing together in a social-emotional, cognitive and physical format can reignite neural development in people with dementia.

“Singing together: a true win-win method! I can assist my clients better and more effectively. Moreover, it creates positive energy and a pleasant working atmosphere.


How does this e-learning work?

As soon as you register, you will receive one 20 min. lesson every week for six weeks. Ensure you make time and space for it. Let it sink in and take root. Diligent care starts with you.

Please note: we do not offer the e-learning services in English at the moment. Please contact Maartje for more options.

Maartje de lint sings with dementia clients, fantastic. My mother didn’t speak when she was in a nursing home in 1999. I always used to sing old songs with her. She sang with exactly the right intonation, just like she used to in the choir and at home. We were excited to remain in contact this way. Maartje de Lint deserves more recognition for her work.

joke poot – trouw newspaper

This is what you will get and this is what you will learn:

The e-learning I Sing in Care! contains six lessons, a collection of beautiful songs in several languages ready for immediate use, handouts per lesson and many extras.

Lesson 1: The value of singing in healthcare

  • Providing easier and more effective care
  • Strengthening your relationship with people with dementia
  • Using singing as a form of relaxing massage

Lesson 2: I dare to sing

  • Embrace the unique power of your voice
  • Source the courage and support to sing
  • Learn and feel the value of every step you take

Lesson 3: I sing to another

  • The power of softening
  • This is how you make non-verbal contact
  • Allow space and support emotions

Lesson 4: Sing, lead and follow together

  • The power of slowing down
  • Become aware of body language
  • Use mirroring of body language

Lesson 5: Sing together, personal songs

  • The power of stillness
  • The importance of personal music interest
  • Create someone’s personal music list
Ik Zing in de Zorg Les 6 Bloem

Lesson 6: We sing our own song

  • Social-emotional development opportunities
  • Cognitive development opportunities
  • Physical development opportunities

“My father had been in bad shape for several weeks, but Maartje made him happy again. He had a smile from ear to ear while singing and even sang along at times! When I left, he spoke a long sentence to me, something that had not happened for a long time… Maartje gave me a moment to remember. ‘Nobody will take this away from me’, I thought on the way home in the car!”

Chantal, Daughter

Your trainer and coach:

Maartje de Lint

Maartje has been singing all her life. Years ago she discovered the valuable and connecting power of singing together for and with people with dementia.

It never let go of her. That is why she has been committed to offering you the tools you can use on a daily basis. Because contact and connection with each other are at the heart and soul of our happiness in life. Our voice and our body are the ultimate instrument.

This e-learning not available in English at the moment.

Frequently asked questions:

How much does this e-learning cost?

You get the six 20 minute lessons with all hand-outs, songs, practice videos, and certificate, for only €149.

How much time does ‘I Sing in Care!’ cost?

The six lessons you receive require an average of twenty minutes per week. After that, it is important to let it sink in then review the lesson in order to assimilate then apply it. You can practice the songs while driving or, using your headphones, listen to them on the train or bus.

How do I stay abreast of updates?

If you have signed up for the e-learning I Sing in Care! you re-ceive our monthly newsletter with all the latest developments and news.

How do I order the books used in the e-learning?

The books can be ordered through the store on this website. As a special offer, you can now order both books: ‘I start a Singing-Circle’ and the ‘Singing-Circle Music Book’ together for a discount price. The books are only available in Dutch at the moment. Click here to buy the books!

Do I need a special device?

No, you can follow the e-learning on any computer, laptop or smartphone. A printer is handy for the hand-outs of each lesson and for the certificate.

Can I ask you questions?

You can always send Maartje an email. She will respond as soon as possible. Maartje also regularly hosts webinars, for which you can sign up via the newsletter.

Do you also give presentations and lectures?

Of course! You can request training, a lecture or a presentation. Contact us with information about your organisation and together we will look at what is most appropriate. Trainings via Zoom or as a webinar are also available.

“Maartje shows us that singing is not only a wonderful activity to break the daily routine, but much more than that: it is a powerful tool to connect in a different way and lets people relax. And at the same time it allows our energy to flow.”