Zingen in de Zorg


Education & consulting
for singing care
in dementia

Why Singing in Care?

Singing revitalises our bodies and instantly releases tension. As ones emotions flow freely there’s still room for fun and connection. And, yes, even room for improved neural function. Singing activates those parts of the brain that appear lost in dementia and helps restore the former vibrance of the person.

Our collaborating partners:

Care-Singer Training

Zingen in de Zorg Opleiding

Professional, carer or volunteer? After this e-learning you know the value of singing, trust your own voice and are singing with gusto! Reconnect with dementia-sufferers and sing their favourite songs together.


Zingen in de Zorg Zing-Cirkel

The Singing-Circle is a social singing activity for people with dementia and their carers. It is suitable for people still living at home but also for people in care.

Individual Singing Sessions

Zingen in de Zorg Individuele Zangsessies

Increase quality of life and strengthen one’s self-esteem? This is possible, even in the home situation. We come to your home and carefully tailor our services to your personal needs for calm, comfort, pleasure or vitality.

Coaching & Presentations

Zingen in de Zorg Trainingen & Presentaties

Getting started with collective singing in your aged/dementia care organisation? You can contact us for coaching, presentations and/or tailor-made advice. We are happy to share our experience and expertise and help you on your way.

Collective singing improves wellbeing and happiness, both short and longterm.”

About Singing in Care

Maartje de Lint is the driving force behind Singing in Care. Its mission is to include singing activities in the basic dementia care package. With Maartje’s decisiveness, energy and sense of connection, she works together with scientists who specialise in dementia care to ensure that singing improves the quality of life for dementia-sufferers in the short and long term.

My mother has regained her confidence, forgets her worries and is happy again.