Singing-Circle at the opera

Continued enjoyment with like-minded people

“A Song Is Within Me” is the title of the educational project of the Opera House in Leipzig, Germany. Led by Maartje de Lint, this project is aimed at both opera and classical music lovers with memory problems as well as their carers.

Maartje’s mission is to help opera lovers – who are affected by dementia – to share the value and joy of singing together in an atmosphere and surroundings already familiar to them from their visits over the years: their opera house. Both prior and after singing, there is time for conversation, for forming friendships and for planning further joint outings.

Zingen in de Zorg Team Oper Leipzig


The organisation of “A Song Is Within Me” lies within the various departments of the Opera House in Leipzig. Singer and pianist are engaged by the opera and are the linchpin of the group. In addition, a team of voluntary choristers support the morning sing-alongs.

The local network for people with dementia makes contact with interested people. They also take care of registering the participants.

Interested in putting on “A Song Is Within Me”?

Opera houses, concert halls and theatres interested in setting up “A Song Is Within Me” as a participation project, can contact us via the button below.