Singing is a wonderful activity, especially to stimulate body and mind positively for people with dementia. Gift Singing-Circle-Online to your loved friend or family member and start this interactive program of singing together. It contains more then 80 songs: Dutch songs, musical songs, jazz and classical music in 8 different languages, with very clear subtitles. We’ll be in your living room with a single push of the button to musically support and inspire you. Get Singing-Circle-Online and experience it yourself!

A tip from Maartje: The order of the songs corresponds with the songs in the Singing-Circle Music Book. This way, you’ll have the songs on your screen and in your hand!



You can get Singing-Circle-Online for a one-time payment of just€97. This is what you’ll get in return:

✅ Well over 80 songs in 8 different languages
✅ It’s easy, practical and interactive
✅ Experience the positive power of a song
✅ Play the songs whenever it suits your schedule
✅ Unlimited access and available on every device
✅ Learn while singing together
✅ Connect with people through singing
✅ Improve the quality of life of people with dementia


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